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Text Box: GA-J2B (2-blade) for Jabiru 3300/UL350
Text Box: GA-R2B (2-blade) for Rotax 912/914
Text Box: GA-200CN (2-Blade) Propeller for Continental 0200 and Lycoming 0233/0235
Text Box: GA200L-78 S.T.O.L Propeller for Lycoming 320/360
Text Box: GA200L (2-Blade) Propeller for Lycoming 320/360

The spinner is manufactured with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as the propeller.

The Whirlwind spinner/back plate is constructed from carbon fiber and glass fiber epoxy matrix with balance lay up. This insures a light and durable spinner for years of trouble free operation. Each spinner comes with a smooth preprimed surface ready for paint.

All nut plates are installed and hardware is included.




Text Box: GA-RW3B (3-blade) for Rotax 912/914